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Extra care for scalp problems

Extra care for scalp problems

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Extra care for scalp problems is recommended for problems of dandruff, flaky scalp and itchy dryness for people with long hair who need extra nutrition for their hair follicles.
Suits hair type: All hair types
Pack contains: Quick Relief Shampoo (200ml), Blackcurrant Nourishing Oil (150ml), Q Conditioner (200ml)

Quick Relief Shampoo is specially-developed for common scalp problems: dandruff, dryness, flaky scalp and deposits. The shampoo helps to restore the microflora on your scalp. To fix dryness issues, the pack also contains Blackcurrant Nourishing Oil. An easily-absorbed oil serum that helps to combat dryness and also softens any scalp deposits.

Q Conditioner’s nutritious vegetable-derived ingredients care for, rehydrate, and rebuild the hair, as well as protecting against the stresses of daily life.

Q for Skin® is not a medical treatment but a rich nutritional supplement, from the outside and within.


For very dry and brittle hair, leave the conditioner in for 10 minutes before rinsing. The effect is similar to a hair mask.

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