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Intimate care

Intimate care

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Suits skin type: Dry, sentive skin / Dry, sensitive intimate areas
Pack includes: Blackcurrant Oil (200ml), Q Ultra Care (200ml)

Blackcurrant Oil is a vegetable-derived oil for dry mucous membranes. The oil softens by restoring the balance of fats and builds a comfortable barrier that protects and takes care of any dryness problems. The oil’s caring lipid contents (Omega-3 and GLA/Omega-6 from blackcurrant seed oil) will restore your natural barrier. We recommend spraying/applying your intimate area generously with Blackcurrant Oil, morning and evening, and as needed during the day.

When intimate area problems occur, it’s also important to think about what you are using to wash yourself with. That’s why the pack contains Q Ultra Care. It contains mild substances that gently cleanse and help to maintain the natural balance of your intimate area.

Q for Skin® is not a medical treatment but a rich nutritional supplement, from the outside and within.


Since Blackcurrant Oil is a self-care product, it has to be used on an ongoing basis, and not sparingly, in order for it to work. To begin with, we recommend using the oil at least three times a day and spraying/applying plenty of oil on/to your intimate area. If there is no effect, it probably means you haven’t used enough. We recommend also keeping a small spray bottle in your bag so you can use the oil after using the toilet when you’re not at home.
For extensive or long-lasting problems, we recommend also taking Q Blackcurrant Capsules orally. Blackcurrant seed oil contains essential nutrition for skin and mucous membranes.

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