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Children and baby


Children and baby

Q for Skin's sensitive range contains products that have been carefully selected and studied to make sure they are suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. The formulation is extra mild and free from any added scents, dehydrating washing surfactants and other ingredients that are known to irritate the skin.

Quick Repair Cream is a perfume-free face and body cream. The cream contains lipids from blackcurrant seed oil (Omega 3 and GLA/Omega 6), Shea butter and olive oil that leave the skin revitalised, softened and rejuventated. Blackcurrant Oil softens cradle cap and prevents dry skin and nappy rash. Q Ultra Care is an unscented, mild and caring shampoo/shower gel for sensitive skin.

Blackcurrant Oil

Quick Repair Cream

Blackcurrant Lip Balm

Q Ultra Care

Q Conditioner

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