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Skin and scalp discomfort

Our experience is that nourishment from the outside and within can make a significant difference for imbalanced skin, scalp and mucous membranes. Many customers have often tried several different methods and, unfortunately, many find that their concerns have not been addressed. We at Q for Skin® address your concerns holistically when you seek advice from us. Our philosophy is that each person is unique, and that health and well-being are determined by a balance on the outside and within.

With the help of the latest biotechnology and research results, as well as clinical studies, we are constantly developing our range and working to find solutions to many of our most common skin and scalp problems. During product development, people who have had many years of discomfort relating to skin, scalp or mucous membranes have helped us find the keys to successful concepts.

We have developed a sensitive range of mild and safe products for dry, sensitive skin. We have also developed an age-less concept for glowing skin (counteracting hyperpigmentation and the development of wrinkles), dry mucous membranes and a concept for common scalp discomfort.

Q for Skin® stands for results-based skin and hair care with Nordic natural strength and quality.

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