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Discomfort in intimate areas


Discomfort in intimate areas

Discomfort in intimate areas is a common but often overlooked problem for women of all ages. It affects not only mature women in menopause but can also occur with hormonal imbalances in connection with pregnancy, birth control pills and stress.
In case of discomfort in intimate areas, it is important to address it holistically.
• What intimate wash do I use?
• Do I moisturise the intimate area? If so, with what?
• Do I consume sufficient amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 to achieve the right balance and is it of good quality?
Our concept for discomfort in intimate areas has generated amazing results – but this does not happen on its own. Initially, we recommend that you diligently follow the treatment for three weeks. After that, you can determine how often you use it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
For the best results, we recommend that you spray/lubricate your intimate area with Blackcurrant Oil in the morning and evening, and as needed during the day, and that you also add nourishment from within (Blackcurrant capsules) for a few months. Q Ultra Care is recommended as an intimate wash because of its mild properties.

Blackcurrant Oil

Blackcurrant capsules

Q Ultra Care

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