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Beautiful summer skin

Beautiful summer skin


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30% off on Suppressing booster when buying Lingonberry Serum


Buy Lingonberry Hi-tech Serum in Cream and get a 30% discount on Suppressing Booster
788kr (ordinary price 848kr)

Suits skin type:
Pack contains: Lingonberry Hi-tech Serum in Cream (50ml), Suppressing Booster (200ml)

Lingonberry Hi-tech Serum in Cream
24 hour cream/serum. An exclusive, Nordic lingonberry seed oil that gives your skin shine and vitality and is effective against hyperpigmentation. The serum ingredients, hyaluronic acid and probiotic bacteria extract (Lactobacillus), moisturise, strengthen the skin barrier and reduce fine lines. Mild, natural scent (free from known allergens).

Suppressing Booster
Unscented facial toner that prepares the skin for facial care by acting as a carrier to deliver ingredients in serums/creams deeper into the skin. Can also be applied as a moisture boost during the day, perfect for those exposed to dry indoor air. The addition of vitamins B3 and B5 helps balance sebum production and produces a smoother skin tone. 


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