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Starter pack for scalp problems

Starter pack for scalp problems

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The starter pack for scalp problems is recommended for dandruff, flaky scalp and itchy dryness.
Suits hair type: All hair types
Pack contains: Quick Relief Shampoo (200ml), Blackcurrant Nourishing Oil (150ml)

Quick Relief Shampoo is specially developed for common scalp problems: dandruff, dryness, flaky scalp and deposits. The shampoo helps to restore the microflora on your scalp. To fix dryness issues, the pack also contains Blackcurrant Nourishing Oil. An easily-absorbed oil serum that helps to combat dryness and also softens any scalp deposits. Start by using it daily for two weeks. Afterwards, use whenever necessary, e.g. due to a change in weather.

Instructions are included.

Q for Skin® is not a medical treatment but a rich nutritional supplement, from the outside and within.


If you need a conditioner, we recommend Q Conditioner with its nutritious ingredients to make your hair shiny, soft, and full of volume.

If you’ve had extensive problems over a long period, we recommend that you also take our Blackcurrant capsules orally to bring real nourishment to your scalp.


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